Review – Sedge

Album: Translation In Lost
Release Date: July 26, 2019
Genre: Alternative Rock

Last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing Sedge‘s album Psychochondriac and since then, it’s been on my album rotation on Spotify. The band asked me personally if I’d like to give their new EP Translation In Lost a review and you know I had to take it. Get ready Spotify.

Coming off of their album, I expect heavy riffs, excellent vocals, and just some dang good music. “Call of the Void” did not disappoint. Heavy start mixed in with grimy vocals, it’s a great way to start off an EP for anyone who is just getting a taste of Sedge.

“ESFF” starts off with an amplifying riff, ripping at the ears and making you want to headbang. I know this because I did. This song is one I can see the band convincing the audience in attendance to start up a circle pit or something of that nature, especially with that build-up towards the end. Now if I only knew what “ESFF” stood for…

“Kibosh” might be my favourite song on the album as it reminds me of the grunge rock that I started off listening to before branching out. The ear-ripping solo at the 1:10 mark is heavy yet talented as the accompanying instruments make the sound bigger and badder, showing the true talents of the group.

The closing track “Born in a Zoo” (I can relate) is one of those songs I can see the band busting out at a show anytime in the set. It mixes well with anything as this song focuses on the vocals more than the instruments which is nice to hear in the grunge scene. The high pitched “Zoo!” during the chorus encourages sing-alongs by the crowd so it’s an overall great song I’d love to hear live.

I had high expectations from Sedge when I heard they had an EP coming out as I loved “Psychochondriac” and this EP did not disappoint as it gave me what I loved from that album but with something new sprinkled in. Sedge may be one of the best grunge/alternative rock groups in Canada right now and this EP is bound to show it.

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