Devon Welsh shares new single “War”

Last week, former frontman of Majical Cloudz Devon Welsh shared his new single “War”, follow-up to “Faces“, his first release since last year’s acclaimed “Dream Songs”.

Written about the frustrations and resentments of a lost friendship, there is bitterness in “War,” but also the desire to regain what was lost. There was a novelty to Welsh’s recording process here, which was an overwhelmingly solitary one. Whereas Majical Cloudz (his former project) and Dream Songs were distinct collaborations, Welsh worked on “War” and his other new music primarily alone.

That self-contained principle extends to how Welsh is continuing to release music now: removed from the label system, towards an autonomous path, stemming from his own approach to his work. “Making music is a personal thing for me,” Welsh says. “Ideally it is a reflection of something intimate.”

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