PREMIERE – Tara Macri releases new single, “Baby You Got Me”

Toronto, ON-born pop singer, Tara Macri has released her brand new single, “Baby You Got Me” via L.A.-based indie label, 10 Count Records. The single was written by Tara and Andrea England, produced by Garen Gueyikikan, and mixed by multiple Grammy award winner, Chris Lorde.

Unfolding like a tender diary entry, “Baby You Got Me” captures the moment when you realize the special someone in your life has changed from a “maybe” to a “for sure.” Tara’s heart-melting performance is sure to make it a favourite for this wedding season, and many more to come.

As Tara describes,

“There’s a moment when you’re with someone — sometimes it’s right away or after sharing something significant — that you just know you’re ready to go all In with this person for whatever the future may bring. The feeling is hard to describe but you know when it happens to you.”

In the video for “Baby You Got Me”, viewers get to spend the day with Tara in Venice Beach, California, beginning with a lazy afternoon on its iconic pier and continuing into a glorious evening date. Check it out below.

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