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Will Bowes is celebrating the release of his brand new song, “Runway Lights” today and we had the chance to catch up with him to chat about how we can all relate to its message. Keep your ears out for this hot song as it is guaranteed to be playing on your favourite dance floor or patio this summer! Grab your favourite cool beverage and read on to get to know Bowes on this hot summer day, and then be sure to get your own copy of “Runway Lights” today!

Your new single, “Runway Lights” is being released on July 5th. We think our readers will fall in love with its infectious beat and it is the perfect song to usher in summer!  What did you draw inspiration from for this song?

Yes! Thank you guys so much for featuring it, I’m so glad you like it. “Runway Lights” is definitely about getting over a breakup, but it’s about the positive, optimistic phase of that process – when the wounds have healed somewhat and you start getting excited to move on. I was traveling when I wrote this song, and I actually wrote the entire thing on a plane. This sounds like the cheesiest story I know, but I kept finding myself looking out at the coloured runway lights flashing beside the planes I was on at night. They weirdly symbolized my existence at the time, transitions, departures, arrivals and all that. So, if you’ve ever tried to move on from something in your life, whether it’s a relationship or a loss or a change of some kind, I hope you can relate to this song.

Fans have the chance to hear some of your new material at The Drake Underground in Toronto on July 22. Do you have plans for any other upcoming shows this summer?

Yes definitely. I’m currently planning more live performances so please stay tuned for that, I’ll be announcing them soon. I’m very excited to be opening for Juice at The Drake Underground, July 22nd at 8 pm.

You are certainly a triple threat, contributing to the arts as a talented musician, actor, and filmmaker! How do you find the other roles compliment your life as a musician?

Well, thank you, in terms of being a “triple threat” I definitely can’t dance but the other things certainly complement each other in different ways. Of course, there’s a performative element to being a recording artist and I think that having a background in acting and film making certainly helps with that. At the end of the day, all three of these art forms are about telling stories and entertaining people. It’s cool to be able to use all of those different parts of my brain artistically.

What music is on your playlist right now?

I’m really enjoying the new Mark Ronson record. I’m also going through a Fleetwood Mac resurgence at the moment. I often sing in wedding bands and Fleetwood Mac has to be the most requested classic rock band I know. I’m really digging into their history at the moment.

What is your favourite summertime activity?

I really just enjoy being in the sun in any capacity. If you live in Canada you know it’s been a ridiculously long winter, so any day with sunshine is heavenly.

What can fans expect next from Will Bowes?

It’s a really exciting time. I just finished filming a Netflix original series as an actor called “Spinning Out” starring Mad Men’s January Jones, which should be out in early 2020 along with my album. I can’t wait to continue sharing new singles this summer and fall. And I’m currently directing a CBC Gem series with Sarah Polley and Adriana Maggs called “Hey, Lady!” that should be out sometime in early 2020. Thank you, Canadian Beats, for your continued support of independent talent and for continuing to showcase all that this country has to offer! Have a great summer!

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