IN PHOTOS – NXNE 2019 – Owen & Katie McBride in Toronto, ON

Who: Owen & Katie McBride
When: June 8, 2019
Where: Monarch Tavern, Toronto ON

On June 8, 2019, Owen (Mike Kinsella) played to a packed Monarch Tavern as a part of NXNE festival. It was a calm and relaxing set before he played The Opera House with his band American Football the following night.

Ambient signer-songwriter Katie McBride opened the night with an arrangement of guitars, synths, and soft vocals which made for an atmospheric yet rhythmic experience. Katie’s gentle, lingering voice and the subtle vibrato of her bandmate’s guitar made for a dream-like wave of sounds.

Owen opened his set with the line “Hey, I’m Mike and I’m gonna play some quiet songs” to which the crowd chuckled. Fans of Owen know how his live performances feel like a visit to his living room, and this was no different. Staying seated the whole time, Mike took sips of his beer and checked the palm his hand for his setlist in between songs. Some other cheeky remarks he made include “So y’all think Drake is cool?” and “Is there karaoke upstairs after this?”

Amidst all the humour, Owen’s set was an intimate moment for everyone in the room. His heartfelt and sincere lyrics had fans closing their eyes, tilting their heads, and mouthing the words. Everyone appreciated this quiet and close encounter with Kinsella, as it was a different experience from the grand performance his band American Football will give tonight at the Opera House.

Mike asked the crowd while tuning “So what are you guys doing tomorrow” and everyone laughed, as he knew they would be at the American Football show!

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