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Vancouver, BC-based pop duo, The Sunset Kids recently made their label debut on 604 Records, and have now released a video for their sophomore single, “Ocean Clear”.

The band shares,

When our director, Gabriel Adelman, first heard the song he said he immediately saw visuals of wind, rain, and snow culminating in a final tranquil scene at the ocean,” says the duo. “It all began as a mood piece that evolved into a narrative as we all collaborated and brainstormed ideas. We wanted to show love and persistence through whatever it takes. True love does not know any borders or fit into any stereotypes…this video celebrates unconventional love of all kinds.”

Check out the video below and find out more about the band via our Q&A!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello dear readers!!! We are The Sunset Kids, it’s just two of us, Ellaya and Josh. We’re two people who are madly, irreversibly in love with music and life itself.

We play electro/dream pop and with our music, we always try to say and play what we feel. Capturing certain moments and sharing them with you is what we’ve always dreamed of being able to do.

You just released your sophomore single, “Ocean Clear”, what can you tell us about the single?

Ocean Clear is our first single to go to radio in Canada. We say it’s one of our favorite songs because it was a one of a kind song experience to write. Inspiration can hit you out of nowhere and, as songwriters, we try to capture the magic as fast as we can – grasp the right words and melody and bind them all together. Ocean Clear is an open monologue that is full of doubts, fears, and true love all directed towards a best friend. The song paints the story of a dilemma that you have with no power to resolve. if you go for it and it doesn’t work out, you could lose that friend forever.

You also released a video for the track, what was the highlight of the video shoot?

There’s so many! The crew worked hard all day on-set and were so grateful for the team of people we had there that day. The entire crew gelled well and together we got to create something memorable! There was an atmosphere of fun and excitement as we filmed through several different weather scenes, creating “seasons” all in the big beautiful soundstage at 604 Records.

You filmed in Vancouver with Gabriel Adelman who has worked with Allan Rayman and Matthew V, what was the experience like?

One word – magical. The atmosphere on set was so special to not only us but all members of the crew. Gabriel is very talented.

Your previous single, “Fantasy” garnered a lot of attention from media outlets and playlisters, do you envision “Ocean Clear” doing the same?

Absolutely! We keep working towards learning and growing in everything we do! This song and video will forever be one of our favorites!!! 😊

Do you have any tour dates on the horizon?

We are very excited for the upcoming Constellation Festival that will happen in Squamish July 26th – 28th and of course we have many more exciting things on the way!

What’s up next for you?

New single, shows,and recordings! We love to keep ourselves busy!

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