IN PHOTOS – Ever After Music Festival – Day 3

What: Ever After Music Festival
When: June 9, 2019
Where: Kitchener, ON

The final Day of Ever After Music Festival ended on Sunday evening. The last day ended on a high note with beautiful weather and wild sets.

Memorable sets of the day included the insane drum and bass set for Andy C, a set that kept you on your feet the entire time.

Everyone danced and shuffled for French house artist Malaa. Slowly the crowd trickled down to see his set and wait for the final big act of the evening.

Now The Grand Amphitheatre stage was composed of a day full of B2Bs. Starting with some gnarly tunes by Infekt B3B Mydra B3B Oolacile, they really set the bar for the day for the craziness on that stage.

Next, we had Blunts and Blondes, who actually had his manager crowd surfing at the beginning of his set. There was minor malfunction halfway through, with the sound cutting out, but in no time he was back in his groove. The crowd almost doubled in size once Sullivan King B2B Riot Ten started, this was a first-ever B2B for these artists and was the most iconic set of the day, definitely a set that should have been performed on the main stage.

The final set closing that stage for the evening was the B4B of Boogie T B4B Subtronics B4B Squinto B4B Al Ross, the crowd went mental with these four artists throwing down some crazy songs.

Finally, to close the show, an unforgettable set by the one and only Illenium. Playing a nice mix of classic euphoric songs and some dirty high tempo dubstep beats. The visuals as always were amazing. A perfect way to end the festival!

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