PREMIERE – Screaming At Traffic unveils new album, I Don’t Like Sports

Winnipeg, MB-based punk rock band, Screaming At Traffic is made of Jacques Richer, Duncan Murta, Paul Colman, and Stefan St. Godard.

The band teamed up with Jordan Voth to record and produce their debut full length. While recording the band caught the attention of Little Rocket Records and I Don’t Like Sports is the winning result.

The band shares on the album,

“While we were on tour in Western Canada supporting our first ep, “S.A.T.” we had a long discussion in the van about what our plans for the following year were going to be, and the answer was pretty uniform between the four of us. We’ve always wanted to record a full length and we definitely had enough material for it. Once we got back home we started looking at different producers and engineers in the city. We decided to go with Jordan Voth. He has a ton of experience recording bands in Winnipeg, and had already worked with a ton of bands that we admired and liked in the scene, like Danger Cat (RIP), Elder Abuse, his own band Bleed American and more. It was great working with him, and from the get go he was very involved as a producer. We all think it’s valuable to get that “fresh ear” perspective, especially when recording. In May of 2018 we started tracking demos, and over the rest of the spring we put “I Don’t Like Sports” together. It was a ton of fun to write and record, and we had some great guests come in to collaborate on the album, like Jenna from Mobina Galore, Alex from Elder Abuse and Nice Cops, and even some guest vocals from Jordan and his brother Matthew. Originally we were only going to record 10 songs, but once we got close to finishing, Voth asked if we had any other material we were working on. After some persuasion, we showed him a rough cut of what ended up being “Hey Koyuki”. It was kind of a stand out during the process, since it was the first time we had used studio time to actually write what we were about to record. It was super fucking cool seeing that song come together. You always want to take time to make sure you release properly so we took the time after we finished recording to get videos done, and finally after a year we’re happy to share “I Don’t Like Sports” with all of you. “

Check out the exclusive pre-release stream below, and you can even go pre-order the album HERE.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
June 7 – Edmonton, AB – The Sewing Machine Factory w/ Birds Bear Arms and Scratch Buffalo
June 8 – Calgary, AB – Village Brewery w/ Cheap Beer, A Gentleman’s Pact
June 22 – Winnipeg, MB – Good Will Social Club w/ Sit Calm, Dinner Club

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