JoJo Worthington releases new single “Small Encounters”

Last week, experimental folk artist JoJo Worthington released a new song and video, “Small Encounters”, ahead of the release of her next album “TCYK”, set to release June 7th.

The upcoming album, TCYK (The Company You Keep), is a celebration of her diverse strengths. This succinct powerhouse of an album, co-produced with William Crann, is a magnificently textured exploration of Worthington’s experience as a woman navigating tumultuous relationships. Orchestral and electronic sounds blend, creating serene walls of sound that compliment intimate narratives. Within only a handful of songs, Worthington presents a whole body of feeling. Listeners are guided through conflicts between ephemeral lovers, distant friends, the human and divine. However, TCYK is ultimately a celebration our attempts at connection, as Worthington asserts: “we need to stabilize”—a rallying cry for mutual support between sexes.

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