IN PHOTOS – Moon Vs. Sun in Toronto, ON

Who: Moon Vs. Sun & Aphrose
When: May 7, 2019
Where: The Great Hall, Toronto ON

Moon Vs. Sun, otherwise known as Chantal Kreviazuk, and Raine Maida, showed us what a husband and wife music collaboration sounds like. Intimate, raw, and storytelling, Chantal and Raine, gave glimpses of the journey that their album embodies.

Aphrose – Gospel, soul, Soca, Calypso, Reggae, but also Bollywood soundscapes, and even Country. Aphrose brings a diverse range of musical influences including growing up in Scarborough and Trinidadian roots. No shortage of Spirit, ache, and vocal styling, Aphrose will leave you her heart out on her sleeve, and powerful ways to make your mark.

Moon Vs. Sun – This partnership blends singer-songwriter, acoustic alternative, and finding your way back to your life partner; plus the ups and downs of married life. An ethereal glow and captivating harmonies guided us through this story at The Great Hall in Toronto.  Taking us back to the ’90s, and leaving us with a meld of genres, and the push and pull of 20 years together. This manifested itself into an album that may break your heart but knowing that you’ll always find your way back.

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