Review – Lo Lo

Album: Sweater Collection
Release Date: May 3, 2019
Genre: Pop

Toronto pop darling Lo Lo has released her debut EP, Sweater Collection. This record follows three previously released singles, “Yours” and “Convenient” in 2018, and the title track “Sweater Collection” earlier this year. “Yours” charted at #21 on AC radio in Canada, which is very impressive for a debut single. Between all three of Lo Lo’s singles, she’s been featured on a ton of playlists, including iTunes A-List Pop. Furthermore, between all of those playlists, Lo Lo has accumulated over two million streams.

Lo Lo celebrated the release of her EP with her debut show, as an artist performing her own material, at Adelaide Hall on May 2nd. I had the chance to chat with her before the show which you can check out here.

Sweater Collection opens with the primary single “Yours”, featuring twangy pop guitar and bright spots of piano and synth rhythms. Lo Lo may be a pop artist, but this is more of a sweet and spicy take on pop music. Next up, “Stay Up”, a dreamy and nostalgic collection of melodies. A softer longing, ‘sitting by the window and staring at the stars’ kind of yearning. “Convenient” was the second single released prior to Sweater Collection, a great follow up to “Yours”. More of a dance party, this track is filled with what I would call synth robot pop.

Placing the title track in the middle of the album helps bring the EP a cohesive feeling. Something that seems to be very popular in music right now, is mentioning Blink-182. Lo Lo joins in on this on “Sweater Collection”. The quick rhymes on this track are catchy and quirky.

“Stranger’s Interlude” is a creative ode to life in the city. The sounds of people chattering and city traffic alludes to a commute. This leads into a phone call/voicemail message. Directly leading out of the interlude is “Stranger’s Arms” which gives me serious Carly Rae Jepsen vibes. One of my favourite songs on the EP, easily. This track features self-proclaimed pop lord DCF, whose harmonies compliment Lo Lo’s beautifully. Another song of longing, with upbeat rhythms.

My other absolute favourite, “Champagne 4every1”, brings a ‘drinking to forget’ anthem. Lo Lo’s lyrics here speak about moving on from numbness. This is a song anyone could toast a glass of champagne to. Another interlude follows, a cheering crowd that gradually quiets down.

The last track on the album is an ‘acoustic’ version of “Convenient”, however, this is not the acoustic sound I was expecting. I was looking for Lo Lo’s sweet and sultry voice with a guitar or piano, but what I got were more synths and electronic sounds. A different take on what I had thought of as ‘acoustic’, but not a disappointment by any means. Just a reminder of the changing ways of music and to always be open minded.

As a whole, Sweater Collection, is a charming and eclectic collection of tunes. She relates articles of clothing, sweaters to be specific, to lost love. This relatable concept helps make the songs more accessible to a wider audience. Though the catchy rhythms and lyrics absolutely contribute to that as well. This blend of pop style is an impressive first EP from a blossoming young artist. Looking forward to what Lo Lo has in store for the future.

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