Review – Light Rail Transit

Release Date: February 1, 2019
Genre: Indie-Pop

2018 saw Light Rail Transit reach new horizons, and migrate from Hamilton, ON and become a Toronto based indie band. These gents tightened up their tone, and continue to craft their indie rock sound.

This Four piece’s feature EP, I launched in early 2019, with retro notes, like that of The Cure, calming melodies, 80’s synth, and rock reflections. Light Rail Transit delivers an engaging collection of tunes.  Front and center vocals by Riley Urquhart-Ducharme, vocals and strumming by Josh Mclean, Bass lines by Simon Marsello, and time signatures by drummer Luca Cicero.

As the title of their EP suggested, I or the number 1, in Roman numerals, Light Rail Transit is at the beginning of their music empire.

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