Weekly Beat Down – April 29 ,2019 to May 4, 2019

Good Monday to you all and thank you for joining us again for one heck of a #WeeklyBeatdown. This is the segment where we like to feature new music that has recently made a splash on the Canadian music scene. We take two of these tracks and showcase them to you, the fans and readers, and you decide the outcome every day for the whole week.

It’s the battle of Winnipeg this week and our new champion from last week Leanne Pearson brings her song “Hot Pursuit” back again for another beat down. The song is her current radio single and I suggest you call up your local station and request it.

Her hard rocking competition also from Winnipeg. Dizzy Mystics bring the new music video for their single “The Frequent See, Consistent Seas”. It’s off their upcoming album Wanderlost coming out on May 3, 2019.

Thank you so much, please be sure to vote for your favorite on the daily. Starting today Monday all the way until Saturday at midnight. The one with the most votes is going to be moving on to the next round, so go vote below.

Also, please be sure to check us out next week and all of the articles featured in the brand new segment, Zach Picks of the Week at the end of the video.

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