IN PHOTOS – ACMA Song Writers’ Night in Calgary, AB

What: Songwriters’ Night
When: April 25, 2019
Where: Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB

The Association of Country Music in Alberta (ACMA) organized a Song Writers’ Night in Calgary, AB at Ironwood Stage & Grill. The night saw an incredible lineup of Alberta’s talent, each singing 3 songs and of course, telling the story of how they got the inspiration to write said songs. Nights like this are such a great opportunity to meet fantastic musicians, hear their music and learn about the stories behind the songs.

The first set of performers to the stage were:

Steve Newsome:

Michela Sheedy:

Dustin Farr:

Lauren Mayell:

The final set of performers to grace the stage were:

Tanya Ryan:

Hailey Benedict:

Drew Gregory:

Leaving Thomas:

For more photos from the Song Writers’ Night, check out our Facebook page!

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