Countdown to Pouzza Fest 2019 – Interview with The Corps

Montreal’s Pouzza Fest takes place from May 17-19 featuring some of the greatest punk music that’s out there! We’re happy that we’ve had the chance to count down to this festival with you. We started our countdown with Montreal’s own The Planet SmashersAnswersHVALSubbGutter Demons, Seth Anderson, and then Danny Rebel and the KGB. Now, we’re chatting with The Corps, who play on May 18 at Turbo Haüs. See the full schedule here.

First off, care to introduce yourself to the Canadian Beats readers?

We are The Corps from Vancouver BC, we are intergalactic space cops that sing about DC comics. The music is very 90’s skate punk influenced by Lagwagon, No Use for a Name, Nofx, etc.

Pouzza Fest is an early festival, taking place in May, how do you prepare for festival season?

For us, every season is festival season, as long as there is booze nearby, we will celebrate.

Have you taken part in Pouzza Fest before? If so, what is your favourite memory?

We did with another band in 2017. My favourite memory was watching Lagwagon while simultaneously starting a vicious bromance with Brian from A Wilhelm Scream.

The line-up at Pouzza Fest this year is stellar, who are you most excited to check out?

Pears. The dudes are awesome. Might be the best live band ever.

Pouzza Fest’s name comes from the mashup of poutine and pizza, so I feel the need to know, which do you prefer?

Fuck, can’t we choose both?

Are you performing at any other festivals this summer that you’d like to tell us about?

The Rocket from Russia Fest in Vancouver.

What five words would you use to describe your live show?

I guess that was fast.

If you were asked to give advice to an up and coming artist, what would that advice be?

Make sure you love playing shows. if you do, you’ll be just fine.

What’s up next for you?

Next up are tours with Modern terror, Ten Foot Pole and two other bands I can’t talk about yet.

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