Countdown to Pouzza Fest 2019 – Interview with Answers

Montreal’s Pouzza Fest takes place from May 17-19 featuring some of the greatest punk music that’s out there! We’re happy that we’ve had the chance to count down to this festival with you. We started our countdown with Montreal’s own The Planet Smashers, and now we’re talking with Montreal’s Answers. who play on May 17 at Katacombes. See the full schedule here.

First off, care to introduce yourself to the Canadian Beats readers?

We are Answers, a post-punk/punk rock band from Montreal, QC.

Have you taken part in Pouzza Fest before? If so, what is your favourite memory?

Our first ever show will be at this year’s Pouzza Fest 9! Most of the members of the band have taken part in Pouzza many times, Mike, in particular, has taken part in the 5 first years with 4 different bands. Some of our favorite memories include seeing Hot Water Music at Foufounes (Pouzza 3??), discovering bands at the countless venues, playing outside acoustic performances, and of course spending the weekend with most of our out of town friends!

The line-up at Pouzza Fest this year is stellar, who are you most excited to check out?

There are waayyy too many bands that we want to see on this year’s bill, all 4 of us have pretty broad tastes.

Pouzza Fest’s name comes from the mashup of poutine and pizza, so I feel the need to know, which do you prefer?

Due to lack of experience, we don’t know yet if we are a poutine or pizza band! We will have to experiment hehe.

Are you performing at any other festivals this summer that you’d like to tell us about?

We do not have any other festivals lined up this summer, though we will be working hard on putting out music and finding local gigs to keep us in shape.

If you were asked to give advice to an up and coming artist, what would that advice be?

The advice we would give to an up and coming artist… Like us?! Keep it fresh and fun!

What’s up next for you?

Up next will be releasing music for us, our first EP should appear this year, we’ll make sure to keep you posted!

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