PREMIERE – T. Nile releases new single, “So High”

Galiano Island, BC’s T. Nile has unveiled a brand new single, “So High”. This is the second single from her upcoming album, Beachfires and was musically inspired by 80s ballads.

She shares on the single,

“So High” was the first song I wrote after my best friend passed away. It expresses how I feel his presence whenever I’m alone in nature on our home of Galiano Island. I wrote it while filled with a profound grief at his loss, but also elation at how much I still feel him in every aspect of my life. The song gives a simultaneously soaring and melancholy feeling.   His essence has expanded beyond the boundaries of his physical being, and he is now always with me, in spirit.”

Give “So High” a listen below and keep up to date with T. Nile via her socials.

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