PREMIERE – Kitzl releases new single, “40 moons”

Guelph, ON-based up-and-coming pop artist, Kitzl has released a new single, “40 moons”.

Kitzl shares on the release,

“40 moons is like The Overview Effect – that newfound awareness and sense of awe which astronauts supposedly experience when they see Earth from space.  Obviously, I can’t speak for all astronauts but for me there is a stunning peacefulness about it.  The idea of humans and Earth being tiny, delicate, and unimportant is really quite nice and liberating.  We could just be potato molecules and then we’d (probably) have no idea anything cool was happening around us.  Witnessing things that make you feel small is pretty special, IMO.

Also in the song there are some light-breathing space dragons.”

Check out the single below, and keep up to date with all things Kitzl via her socials.

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