ROYAL releases new video “Vessel”

Earlier today, Vancouver-based indie pop artist ROYAL released her new music video “Vessel”.

The lead single from ROYAL’s winter album release, Heart of Shadows, “Vessel” has earned over 100,000 plays on Spotify and is a haunting journey of heartbreak and emotional isolation. In keeping with those themes, the music video follows an astronaut – suddenly detached from her ship – who recalls the heartbreaking memories of a lost love as she floats in space. Fans of Riverdale might recognize the two actors, Tiera Skovbye and Jordan Connor, who play Polly and Sweet Pea on the CW TV show.

ROYAL says:

“I have a very deep and personal connection with ‘Vessel’, so I felt inspired to create a visual journey that would emulate the emotional depth of the song and channel the sadness and isolation of losing someone you love.” 

In sharing her thoughts about the project, Skovbye says:

“The song alone provokes such powerful feelings and imagery that – when brought to life by Jordan and me – was made even more powerful. Losing someone you love almost feels like losing a part of yourself and I think you get a real sense of that in this video. It’s heart breaking to see love fall apart.”  

Connor adds:

“Working with ROYAL, Tiera and the team for ‘Vessel’ was an experience full of love. Everyone was deeply invested in the project and you can see the heart in the final product.”

For ROYAL, the music video release of “Vessel” is another pinnacle moment in her musical journey, which has taken her to Toronto, Australia, and Vancouver among other stops, and seen her sound evolve from folk to dream pop.

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