Geneviève Racette unveils Part 2 of her forthcoming album, No Water, No Flowers

Hot off the heels of successfully releasing Part One, Montreal’s Geneviève Racette has unveiled Part Two of her folk-pop bilingual album, No Water, No Flowers.

Part Two includes the English tracks, “Magnetic Love” and “In Your Arms” as well as the Francophone track, “Mile fois par jour”.

I personally enjoyed “In Your Arms” the most, a love song with beautiful vocals and lyrics which could speak to many. Geneviève says the track was written during a time in her life when she began questioning her career.

“Music permits me to be vulnerable, express myself and share my stories. It is only in music that I truly let my guard down and can be myself,” said Geneviève.

The full release will be available on May 24, 2019.

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