Review – Steven Lambke

Album: Dark Blue
Release Date: March 29, 2019
Genre: Indie Rock

Located in one of his two homes in Toronto, Ontario and Sackville, New Brunswick, Steven Lambke is ready to start his solo career with the release of “Dark Blue“, a 12-song journey throughout. Lambke claims to have focused on the lyrical side of music when it comes to this release.

The opening track “Fireworks” has a very unique aesthetic to start off with the melodic guitars and the whine of a synth in the background, Lambke’s voice focuses well into the different tones throughout, giving you a good feel of what this album has you in for.

“Daniel (At The Start Of The Song)” is more of a spoken poem than a song yet he’s singing the entire time. It’s a beautiful story throughout, talking about a dream he had related to Daniel, a character he may have made up or an actual person. Regardless, this song caught me off guard in the best way.

“Major Rager” has the best opening drum beat, a steady rhythm leading into Lambkes excellent vocals and a steady guitar riff. This song has another storyline towards it with “and the sky clouded over!” is a line that caught me off guard since he puts his voice an octave higher than normal to make it stand out more.

“Cut Flowers” is an epic ballad. It’s another story where Lambke talks about not bringing flowers to where he lies. It’s just a nice, simple song that fits perfectly into the middle of the album.

This album is a joyous listening experience you need to try for yourself. It’s a storybook made for your ears, with the excellent lyrics and beautiful instrumentals throughout. Lambke tried something out of the ordinary with this album and it really shines.

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