Gabrielle Papillon releases new single, “What Do I Know”

Nova Scotia’s Gabrielle Papillon is back with a brand new single, “What Do I Know”.

“What Do I Know” was co-written with UK songwriter Jonas Persson. Developed quickly, and refined over time (and produced by Corey LeRue of Neon Dreams), the song led Gabrielle Papillon down a path on which she realized she had the beginnings of a brand new album in her hands.

“This next collection of songs is the result of a lot of epiphanies, some accidental, and some I had to work so hard for,” says Papillon. “It’s also in every way the embodiment of a lot of choices I made in the last year and a half. Perhaps the most important of these choices was to trust my gut.”

Connect with Gabrielle Papillon:

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