Canadian Beats Passport – IN PHOTOS – Alice Phoebe Lou in Montreal, QC

Who: Alice Phoebe Lou
When: March 27th, 2019
Where: Fairmount Theater, Montreal QC


Born in South Africa, and currently based in Berlin, Alice Phoebe Lou is an indie phenomenon whose fanbase has been quickly growing globally. She had to postpone her North American tour by 2 weeks due to immigration issues, but the packed crowd that gathered at Fairmount Theater in Montreal last night is a true indicator that Alice is a star on the rise.

Without the need for an opener, Alice and her band took to the stage under a thunder of cheers, which didn’t die down throughout her set. With every song, she charmed the crowd with her angelic looks, incredible voice and fierce, unapologetic attitude.

For more photos of the show, head over to our Facebook page.

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