The Noolands release a new special, “Us on a Bus: Behind The Scenes”

Barrie, ON-based band, The Noolands are back with a brand new special, “Us on a Bus: Behind The Scenes”.  The 17-minute special goes inside the making of their EP, Us on a Bus, and is a must watch to see the creative and emotional side of Barrie’s music scene.

The band shares,

“The story of Us on a Bus is about a band re-inventing itself and putting everything they have into their music. Once we set foot into that studio with producer Shane Heath, we knew nothing would ever be the same again. As you guys know, we went on to release the EP along with two music videos, played some truly incredible shows and hit the airwaves all over. So much has happened for us and so much has changed for our band.
Because we create every single thing we publish ourselves, people are always curious about how we do things. We wanted to take people into our (usually never seen) low-budget, DIY process. It’s also an incredibly emotional thing for us to watch because it took place over a span of 3 years and the whole journey really put our band and our friendships to the test. 
We really hope this film will inspire many new young bands to get out there and publish their art. Most importantly, we wanted to show immense gratitude to everybody involved with the making of Us on a Bus and showcase what incredible creative people they are. We couldn’t have done this without them.”
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