Neena Rose hits “Rewind” with her latest single

Last week, Toronto-based RnB-pop powerhouse Neena Rose released her latest lo-fi single “Rewind”.  You can stream it on Spotify.

About the track, Neena explains:

“It encompasses that nostalgic feeling associated with a past relationship. It’s about dwelling on the memories made with a once-special someone, and wishing for a ‘do-over’. Mixed feelings are inevitable result of an unexpected split. This song is about knowing you’ve lost any chance of rekindling those same feelings, and fantasizing about ‘rewinding’ time before the connection was lost.”

This month, Neena Rose will be the first young Canadian female artist at the California Copyright Conference in Los Angeles; she will appear at the “Young Guns — Innovative and Thriving in the New World Music Order” event on Tuesday, March 19th. Moderated by Heavy Harmony Music’s Rhonda Bedikian, Rose will contribute to the panel-led discussion alongside Defend Music A&R exec Greg Katz and artist, composer and producer NoMBe.

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