Show Review – Country Kicks Cancer’s Ass in Toronto, ON

Sunday Night at The Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon, fellow musicians, friends, family, staff, and tech crew, came together to give up a few hours our their Sunday, to show support to Cadence Grace of the Country trio, Runaway Angel. The Rock ‘n’ Horse Saloon provided the venue with wait staff and bar, tech crew ran audio/Video, and musicians came from out of town. It was an all in village effort, and it came together, to show Cadence that we have her back, as she prepares for a bone marrow transplant.

We’ve all known someone with cancer, and it’s no easy ride. Aside from the toll it takes on your body and wallet, there is a real emotional roller-coaster ride that adds to the stress. One aspect, in Cadence’s case, is the ups and downs of finding someone who has compatible bone marrow. It’s not as easy as finding someone with a blood type match, and the pool of donors is narrow.  It’s important for us all to know that you can actually donate! There are more Caucasian donors than minorities, so this is the awareness that needs to be circulated.

Country artists from all across Ontario, donated their time, mileage, and performance skills, to help support Cadence on her cancer kicking journey.

The first artist to play was Ben Hudson, from Uxbridge ON. Growing up with a musical family, Ben showed us how we support one of our own. With rich smooth vocals, and harmonizing with expecting wife.

Secondly, Julia Haggerty graced us with her sweet country alternative sound, stemming from Lucan, ON. Definitely seeing why she has become a seasoned performer, with origins in competitive choir, and internationally touring with the A Cappella ensemble Six.

Third, Kelsi Mayne from Windsor, ON. commanded the stage at the Rock ‘n’ Horse, and who not only sings, but also has a respectable acting career, and modeled to put herself through nursing school.

Fourth to take the stage was Kris Barclay. Stemming from Ajax, ON, Barclay trading hockey pads for country vibes, he brought a little grit and some lower notes to our evening. Proving that there’s more to Kris, then just a hat trick.

Fifth on our roster was Leah Daniels, another Uxbridge, ON native. Leah achieving numerous country music awards, she took charge of the stage. Far from her yodeling days, and classic rock upbringing, she developed her country-pop melodies and gave us a taste.

Sixth up was Genevieve Fisher, from London, ON who has an Indigenous/Italian background. Fisher began at the age of 2 performing for audiences, but don’t let her compact appearance fool you. She can belt out the lyrics, and showcase her unique sound.

Seventh to perform Eric Ethridge, a Sarnia, ON native, brought the swagger to the Rock ’n’ Horse Saloon. Originally studying to become a chiropractor, growing up with rock music, and on the football team. Country music was not on the list of things he thought he’d be doing. He had to school himself on just what country music was, and before long, he was emitting country vibes on stages across Canada.

Eighth was a music duo call Small Town Pistols, from a small town of 14,00 people in Trenton, ON, and grandma Ida’s gun, that how you get The Small Town Pistols. They are the lay your heart all out on the table, speak your mind, brother and sister duo, formally as The Wilkinson’s band. Performing with edgy lyrics, and an awesome cover of the band Weezer’s ‘ Say it So’.

Ninth, but certainly not the least was Jessica Mitchell. Based in Toronto, ON, Mitchell lit the stage up, with songs that told stories, that captivated the audience, and held powerful notes. She is one soulful songstress.

Backing most of the artists was a house band, that learned all of the artist’s songs, and didn’t miss a beat, while also proving back up vocals.

We had a break and all watched a video of well wishes for Cadence of artists and friends that could not make it. It was an “I’m not crying…your crying” moment with all the feels.
Cadence then greeted us all and thanked us for the overwhelming love and support, but only wanted us to take with us that the awareness is the more important element to all of this.
Cadence and Runaway Angel closed the night out with a cover of a Serena Ryder song ‘What I Wouldn’t Do’.  Fitting for the time we gave up to help spread awareness, and show support for a fellow friend, that would give you the shirt off her back. Cadence saw a direct reflection of what people receive from her.  #countrykickscancersass

For more photos from the show, head to our Facebook page!

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