Carly Thomas releases video for “Virginia Is For Lovers”

London, ON-based artist Carly Thomas released a video for her single, “Virginia is for Lovers” last month.

Carly shares on the single,

“I like to think of it as an ‘in-between’ love song. A lot of what I write is about finding perspective and this song fits really well in that theme. Sometimes you need to take off, find peace, and realize that some of the most valuable lessons are learned when we only have ourselves to answer to. I always wanted to see the Blue Ridge Mountains, so I started driving toward them a couple of years ago, and did a lot of writing in a week-long period where I didn’t have any agenda or schedule. I visited a friend of mine who now lives in Richmond, Virginia after a hard breakup and noticed all the license plates saying ‘Virginia Is For Lovers.’ I fell in love with the simplicity of that motto. I am not broken. I am a lover. I have loved and will love throughout my life. I’m grateful for the experience, and found peace in the constant movement of this life.”

The video was recorded live at London’s Sugar Shack Studios, which was captured by Ed Platero.

“Ed Platero came in and snuck his way around the studio as we were working. He must have been a spy or an acrobat in a past life to be able to move in such a small space. I just wanted to give a closer look at a studio day. I wanted to invite everyone into the experience, and I think Ed captured that in a very artistic way.”

Check out the video below, and keep up to date with Carly via her socials as she is working towards releasing an EP, and hopefully not too long after that, a full-length album.

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