Versa releases new video for “V” ahead of East Coast tour

Guleph, ON-based VERSA has released a video for their single, “V”.

The band shares on the single,

“This is actually one of the first songs we wrote 4 years ago, and its evolved slowly from an exploration of how many loops we could layer on top of each other at one time, to a refined and fully-arranged song bursting with energy. The pedal tone in the bass line creates a real groove that encourages movement, and because of this it made a lot of sense to make dance the basis of our music video.”

As for the video,

“The process behind creating this video was a three-way collaboration. We worked within a narrative and setting that Colin (A Pocket History of Mars) imagined, and Lindsay created choreography that she then improvised with on set in Niagara Falls. We (VERSA) contributed ideas to the production process, and also stepped back and let them interpret the song quite often. We would all get together throughout editing to have screenings, drink Welly’s and discuss where the video was at. Finally, we got together one time and watched it and all cheered at the end because it just felt right, and that’s when we knew it was done.”

Check out the video below and check out their upcoming tour dates!

March 9 – GAIN Music & Arts Festival – Guelph ON
March 15 – The Monarch – Toronto ON
April 26-27 – Flourish Festival – Fredericton NB
May 4 – La Plante – Montreal QC
May 6-11 – Y2K Live Looping Festival – Mexico City MX

Connect with VERSA:

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