Review – The Nuclear

Album: No Emotion
Release Date: January 3, 2019
Genre: Punk

Moncton natives The Nuclear released their debut album on January 3, 2019, after 10 years of ups and downs throughout the recording, titled No Emotion. The album clocks in just under 30 minutes, making this a true punk album right from the start.

As someone who enjoys the punk genre, the opening track “Can’t Have Your Say” hooked me right away, with the hooky bassline, catchy sing-along vocals, and the classic punk stop and start throughout the song. Leading perfectly into “I Don’t Care About Fashion”, I can tell this album is a perfect punk album to put on and listen in one sitting.

“Direction” is the longest song on the album, standing at 2 minutes, 23 seconds. This is the catchiest song on the album, in my opinion, especially with that guitar hook from the start and the excellent lyrics throughout the song.

“Heartbreaker” reminds me of classic rock songs but with a little punk sprinkled in. Huge comparisons to bands like The Sex Pistols or Dead Kennedys throughout this song so even the classic of punk fans would enjoy this track along with the full album.

The closing track “Doing Alright” sums up the album well. It talks about hardships throughout life, maybe their personal life. It’s not the worst things to happen but it’s little things that can affect your life throughout but with the song’s tone, you can clearly tell that they are living the name of the song and they are doing alright.

It took The Nuclear 10 years to make this album but you can’t see any signs of age in this album at all. Every song has the perfect mix of classic punk bands while tapping into the new age of punk throughout. The relatable lyrics, the encouraged sing-along parts and the even flow of instruments throughout show that The Nuclear can use all the time in the world and still make an excellent album.

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