Bad Animal releases new single, “Oh No”

Calgary’s Bad Animal announced the release of their upcoming album All Time (out April 26, 2019) with the launch of their new single “Oh No”.

Produced by Colin Stewart at his Hive Studio on Vancouver Island – All Time is slick and confident, while also maintaining the raw, indestructible energy the band has become known for. The relentless single “Blackout” provided a first taste of the new sound – and now the follow up “Oh No” takes a playful but frantic turn. It’s this cathartic combination that wins over fans at every show, as they join the pack, one by one. This new album weaves together their raw rock stylings and their eclectic, ear-wormy sounds. Together, it creates a dynamic collection of songs that not only showcase their growth as a band but also highlights universal themes that affect us all.

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