Review – The Jailbirds

Album: The Black River
Release Date: January 25, 2019
Genre: Rock

Trio rock & roll group The Jailbirds have been together since 2016, touring all around their native land in Ontario. Recently, they got together with Matt Grady at EMAC Studios to produce 4 songs on an EP they entitled The Black River, claiming to fuse 70s hard rock, 90s grunge and more into their music. As a fan of all that, I was excited to listen.

“Black Madonna” instantly got my head bobbing along with it. The heavy riffs and the crash of the cymbals leading into the chorus make this a song I can hear doing extremely well live and get the crowd into it, especially with the guitar work not even a minute in. If this is how you start an album, or a set even, I’m instantly intrigued.

“Away From Home” reminds me of 70s rock anthems with the chugging intro and amazing guitar riffs throughout. Around the 1-minute mark, they change the tune a bit to what sounds similar to bands like Guns n Roses and Bon Jovi with the catchy music throughout.

“My Secret Is Out” starts fast but I felt instant modern rock and roll vibes to it compared to the classic styles they had in the earlier songs. This song encourages you to move throughout and that chorus is something you will never forget. If you’re gonna listen to only one song by this band (which is impossible by the way), check this one out.

The title track “The Black River” starts fast with gang vocals and the catchiest opening guitar riff I may have heard in years. I can actually feel my neck hurting from banging my head to this song. This album ender lives up to the title of the album and truly makes this EP a grand debut for them.

As this is The Jailbirds first EP, a full-length from them will be magical if this is any indication from the band. Releasing the album for free on their website was a great way to gain traction for the band and get them started on the bigger scheme of things. I for one am excited for a full length in the future guys! Keep it up!

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