Danko Jones unveils new video for “Dance Dance Dance”

Canadian rock trio DANKO JONES has unveiled the Amir Chamdin-directed music video for their latest single, “Dance Dance Dance.”

Chamdin – an award-winning Swedish filmmaker who has previously helmed clips for the likes of “Ghost”, “The Cardigans” and “The Hellacopters” – shot the “Dance Dance Dance” video last month in Stockholm and created something truly unique with it by combining two vastly different artforms – Danko’s signature style of Rock with an incredible single-take Dancehall video. As longtime fans of his work, the members of DANKO JONES were excited to collaborate with Chamdin and gave him free reign to bring his vision of their song to life.

Says frontman Danko Jones,

“We are excited to finally have Amir Chamdin directing the video for our new single, ‘Dance Dance Dance.’ We’ve been a huge fan of Amir’s work for years now, and waiting to work with him was all worth it.”

Tour Dates:

Canadian shows:
Apr.18/19 – Winnipeg, MB
May.25/19 – Kelowna, BC

European spring shows:
Mar. 29/19 – (CH) Laufen, Biomill
Mar. 30/19 – (CH) Wil, Gare de Lion
Oct. 13-18/19 – Megacruise

Connect with Danko Jones:

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