PREMIERE – Darrelle London releases video for “Sing To The Moon”

Toronto, ON’s Darrelle London is back with a brand new video for her single, “Sing To The Moon”. The single is off of Darrelle’s recent lullaby album of the same name, which was produced by Robyn Dell’Unto and features a mix of original tunes and old classics taking the listener on a whimsical journey towards bedtime.

Darrelle shares on the single,

“I wrote ‘Sing to the Moon’ for my son, and it’s about how I’ve come to love the things that he loves. I never thought I would know the names of every type of truck, or that I would actually get excited to see a cement mixer on the road! That’s what parenthood has done to me, and I actually love it. One day, he and I may be more on the same page in terms of real common interests, but for now, I enjoy seeing the world through his eyes.”

Check out the single below and keep up to date with Darrelle via her socials.

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