Good bye to our friend, Daniel Di Giacomo, of River Town Saints

On February 21, 2019, we lost one of Canada’s sweetest, humorous and talented musicians we at Canadian Beats have come to know. Daniel Di Giacomo, bass player for Ontario’s own River Town Saints, passed away suddenly from a suspected blood clot that traveled to his heart from his leg. We are heartbroken and still in shock. If you are a Canadian Country Music fan and on social media this week, we are sure you saw the hundreds of posts from fans, friends, fellow musicians and industry people from across the country. This outpouring of love and disbelief helped bring us together in a time of grief.

Daniel and the River Town Saints boys have always held a special place in our hearts at Canadian Beats. But, in particular, Linda Heldman and I have had the wonderful opportunity of working with them on many, many occasions. Whether it be to cover a show, catch up in an always-eventful interview, review an album or promote their work, we have been blessed to be a part of their journey. We want to join the many who are paying tribute to Daniel as he touched our lives deeply and his absence will be felt for an eternity.

“For me, I first met Daniel at The Kee to Bala in July 2015. The River Town Saints were opening for fellow Open Road Recordings label mate Tim Hicks. After introductions, he greeted me with a big ol’ bear hug. After that, no show I attended was complete without one. He brought so much life on and off stage. It was his passion and it showed. He will always be remembered for being the jokester. His wit and humour were infectious. I don’ think anyone could walk away from him without a smile on their face…and maybe wishing they had worn a pair of Depends. I feel blessed to have been able to get to know him through many shows and industry events over the past four years. I feel a little piece of me died with him yesterday. I’m sure I’m not alone with this feeling.”

– Linda Heldman

“A backstage interview at Molson Studio in Hamilton was where I first met Daniel in the fall of 2015. It was my first big on-camera interview and I was a nervous wreck. But, one thing you come to learn very quickly about Daniel and the River Town Saints boys is that they are incredibly humble and funny!  Right away I was put at ease. Daniel and I spent time discussing his acoustic bass and a shared love of rhythm. We caught up many times over the years at shows, including a few performances at Boots and Hearts, and on the red carpet at the CMAOntario Awards and CCMA Awards nights. Those who knew Daniel gravitated to his warmth and humour. He told the best jokes, gave the best hugs, and always gave me something to think about during lengthly debates and deep conversations. How does our country music family go on without you Daniel? You are so loved and we vow to keep the memory of you alive!”

– Nicole Wolfe

To help ease the financial burden of funeral costs, River Town Saints have set up a page. We urge you, if Daniel touched your life in any way, please donate. Daniel, hope you are having a blast in Heaven playing with that ever-growing magnificent band. Play on, friend!

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