Review – Post Script

EP: The Light I Can’t Block Out
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Genre: Indie

Edmonton-based duo Post Script have been working on music since 2013, growing their own genre throughout that time. Their newest EP The Light I Can’t Block Out was released at the beginning of February. This 5-song EP has a variety of styles ranging from pop to ballads, making this release an interesting listen before I even start.

“Lights” starts with a beautiful arrangement of both acoustic and harmonious guitar. The vocalist comes in with a very unique sounding country-style voice but still with a poppy essence to it. It’s a good way to start off an EP since it follows into the poppier sounding “Dead Flowers”. This song shows off the vocal abilities of the female vocalist. Her range goes from highs to lows very flawlessly and mixes very well with the male vocalist doing harmony in the background.

“Miles Away”, which they released as a single before the EP release, was the perfect choice to start this band off with. The song is a head-bopping love ballad between a long distance couple who just want to see each other again, something a lot of people can relate to. For a single, this song is something I could definitely see being a hit on the radio.

“Now I’m Gone” is another song I can hear being playing on modern radio, as it has the soul of Post Script but the perfect pop formula to get it on the mainstream. It’s very catchy and encourages a sing-along with the catchy and simple “Now I’m gone/now I’m gone/and I’m not coming back” chorus.

The final track, “I’m Trying” hits you right in the feelings. You can hear the pure emotion in the vocals throughout as if this song is related to a personal experience she has had in her life, which I can relate to. After the upbeat album throughout, it was a good call ending with this powerhouse of a song is a great way to show off Post Scripts musical talents, and leave the listener wanting more.

This release could be something huge for this duo. The perfect mix of pop powerhouse songs and amazing ballads throughout is something you can enjoy anytime, either just relaxing at home or out on the town. I see big things for this duo in the future with just this EP release alone. Stay tuned for what else they have in store.

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