PREMIERE – Arih SK releases new single, “I Miss You”

Ontario’s Arih SK has released a new single entitled “I Miss You”.

Parts of the song were recorded in an open field in a small Quebec town, the rest was recorded and mixed by Arih’s friend, Amanda Parker in her basement apartment in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Arih shares on the single,

“Sometimes you set out to write one song and then you end up with something else. Because things happen in the interim. Life keeps happening and that can affect a song or its meaning, even when the words don’t change, we always do.

This song has been with me for seven or eight years. Structurally and lyrically, very little has changed. But emotionally it’s a brand new song and I’ve never felt stronger about it than right now. I miss so many people and with each loss I feel it differently. Who do you miss?”

Check out the single below!


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