Harrow Fair share music video for single “I Just Wanna”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Canadian folk duo Harrow Fair released their new hit, “I Just Wanna”, which you can stream/purchase here. This song is a catchy commentary about growing up with an analog childhood and digital adulthood. Love letters versus Tinder. Phone calls versus texts. The throwback chorus is a reference to when sex wasn’t allowed to be alluded to in songs except with made-up words like “Shoop” and “Shamalama”.

To accompany the single, the band released a stop-motion music video, with puppets!

Miranda Mulholland explains how the video came to life:

“I was halfway through a second glass of wine with my friend Samantha who was showing me the felt puppets she made for her little relatives for Christmas. “Could you make puppets of Andrew and me?”, I asked. “I’m going to make a stop action animation video!”. I had done one once with plasticine and my family camcorder many years ago. It must be easier now, right? Well, just like looking for love on the internet, it is easier, and also harder.  I downloaded an app and also a 20 hour audiobook (Becoming by Michelle Obama – five stars by the way!) and began.
Lots of trial and error, stiff limbs, awkward positions, and wasted painstaking movements because of lighting inconsistencies. I almost gave up a few times to be honest, but then, it was something! I’m not going to go overboard and say it’s a masterpiece, but I think it captures the fun spirit of the song.
Also – when you set out to do something – like find love on the internet or make a stop action animation video with puppets…it may feel daunting, impossible even, but you might just come out of it with something you love.”
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