Review – Grace Lachance

EP: When Lightning Strikes
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Genre: Alternative Pop

When Lightning Strikes is the debut EP from Ottawa’s Grace Lachance. The 18-year-old artist definitely picked a fitting name for this EP as it hits like a storm.

When Lighting Strikes uses a full arsenal for its soundscapes. Though primarily featuring Grace’s rich voice, it also uses layered vocal harmonies, electric guitar, synths, distorted audio recordings, guest rap interludes,  and even the sound of a car driving away. This variety of sounds are a great compliment to the EP’s themes of relationships, power, rebellion and freedom.

What struck me most when hearing ‘When Lighting Strikes’ for the first time, though, was its intriguing rhythm. The rhythm of the tracks are fast-paced synth-pop, but Grace’s vocals move asynchronously through the underlying melody of the verses to bring the listener’s attention to the lyrics – then create a more satisfying harmony by rejoining the rhythm in the choruses. The result is you find yourself understanding Grace’s message while still moving your hips.

A standout track for me was ‘The Undone.’ The first track on the EP, this track, in particular, captured not only the power and rhythm I feel sets When Lightning Strikes apart but its themes as well.

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