Lost Cousins release the music video for “Montreal” and LP “In Scenery”

Last week, Psych rock outfit Lost Cousins released the music video for the track “Montreal”. The song is about the urge to completely rearrange your life for someone you love, but knowing you’re not able to and having to explain why. The video captures the day-to-day life and vibe of being around a band on the road, and lets fans peer into the social elements of touring, such as driving and plain old hanging out, as well as showcasing the energy and integrity of live performances.

“Montreal” is part of Lost Cousins debut LP “In Scenery”, which released yesterday. You can stream/purchase the album here. Up next, the band will be playing a couple shows in Canada, and return to New York for The New Colossus Festival. Here is the full list of dates:
Feb 08 – Kingston, ON – The Mansion (with Tallies)
Feb 09 – Barrie, ON – Foxx Lounge
Feb 15 – Toronto, ON – The Great Hall
Mar 07 – New York, NY – The New Colossus Festival @ Bowry Electirc
Mar 08 – New York, NY – The New Colossus Festival @ Arelene’s Grocery
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