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Ontario-based country singer-songwriter Brittany Brodie has recently released her new single, “Hope”, so we caught up with her to discuss a bit about the song, and to see what she’s been up to. This is definitely an artist you need to keep an eye on, as she is certainly going places. Check out the single below and keep connected with Brittany on her socials.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Readers! I’m Brittany Brodie, Country Music Singer-Songwriter from Ontario, Canada.

You have recently released a new single, “Hope”, can you tell us a bit about the writing process?

Hope was written by myself and my friend Michelle Pereira (fellow Canadian) we wrote it in a couple different sessions while in Nashville, TN. This song idea came to me and I presented it to Michelle and she loved the idea, and we just rolled with it. I have a very theatrical mind at best and was picturing this movie like a story in my head and she helped me draw back the extreme drama of it (sometimes i get drifting away) and make it into this beautiful story and appreciation of patients and those who care for them.

“Hope” is a very emotional track, where did the inspiration for the track come from?

You know I often think of others and their struggles and I look at people and think; I don’t know their story. I know they have one. What is it? Could it be a story like “Hope” where they are the patient in the hospital being cared for; or have been there. Or is it something like a surgeon or a nurse or a car taker working in the hospital dedicating their life to serve and help others.

People at the moment are certain this story came from my personal experience from the past 3 months, but it did not.

My Daddy very shockingly had an emergency triple bypass in October. And three weeks into his recovery my Brother, Wade was killed in a car accident.

With that said, “Hope” is extra special to me now with such a deep connection to those who saved my Daddy’s life and then those who were there for my brother at the scene of his accident.

Everyone has a story and it isn’t easy, but “Hope” gives them just that. Hope.

You have been added to the Canadian Country playlist, and are the ONLY indie artist on there, how does that feel?

It feels like I won the lottery. I have been working extremely hard since I was a young girl to make my way to the top and get recognized and make a living doing what I was put on this planet Earth to do.

Every little thing is a feather in my hat if you will. With that said I was shocked but also relieved that someone is starting to see what I always have known and took a chance on me and added me to that Playlist.

I’m the only Independent Artist on there, that says something. And “Hope” is such a great song, and I would say that if I did or did not write it.

I’m very thankful and my wish is more comes from this and the powers that be take note.

What’s coming up next for you?

You will have to follow me on Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook, Twitter to keep in the loop.

I will be travelling around better parts of the world this year promoting myself and my music and hoping for the next great thing to happen with my career from all that I’m currently working on.

You will also be hearing more new music from me, continuously.

You will see me in all of the U.K., USA, Australia to name a few.

I want to Thank You all for your support and encouragement, and you all at Canadian Beats.

These past few weeks have been the hardest and most difficult of my life, and I of course as we all don’t ever think tragedy like this will happen to us personally.

Let me tell you; in an instant, everything changes.

Family is the most important. Hug them a little tighter and a little longer. Have compassion and love for your Family and the Stranger you meet on the corner. And have it for yourself.


Everyone has a story.

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