Weekly Beat Down – January 28, 2019 to February 2, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Weekly Beat Down! This is a show where you put two tracks in the ring and you get to decide your favourite. Don’t forget to vote daily so your top choice wins, voting takes place Monday to Saturday at midnight.

Like I said in the video, last week was our first ever tiebreaker rematch. With our reigning champ, Pale Lips from Montreal are still holding strong. Their track “You’re A Doll” is coming off their new album After Dark, available everywhere this Thursday. Check out the full video below.

And their competition this week is going to be Toronto based hip-hop artist Patrik with his new video for “Diamonds”. The song is off his newest EP Spadina which was released at the end of last year. Check out the full video below.

Now that you’ve checked out the videos, go and vote for your favourite. The polls are open now down below and I hope to see you guys next week.

Come back next week and see if Pale Lips have won again, and entered the Beat Down Hall of Fame!

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