Weekly Beat Down – January 21, 2019 to January 26, 2019

Hello everybody and welcome to this week’s instalment of the Weekly Beat Down. We put two tracks in the ring and you get to decide who comes out victorious.

Last weeks Beatdown end in our first ever tie, so let’s do it again!

Round 2!!

Back again in the right corner, Pale Lips from Montreal are back with their single “You’re a Doll” off of their new album coming out in just 11 days. Check it out down below.

And in the left corner, Neon Dreams brings their new single “High School Dropout”  back for round two. Check out the video below.

Same rules apply this week, our polls are open Monday to Saturday at midnight. Vote for your favourite so they don’t get Beatdown! Vote below, and stay tuned because next week something new is coming.

See you next week!

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