Help Canadian Beats get their hosting package

Dear friends and fans, for almost 6 years now you have supported Canadian Beats through your readership and social media engagement in a way that has allowed us to grow beyond our wildest dreams. For that we thank you with all our hearts, it would never have been possible without you.

A part of that growth has unfortunately been increased attention from bots and hackers trying to gain access to the backend of the website. As a result of this, we had a full week offline in December and were required to change hosting providers in an attempt to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the issue continues to persist and the only option we have is to upgrade our hosting package to a dedicated server in order to have the resources required to absorb the traffic.

As many of you know Canadian Beats is a completely volunteer-based site with limited ad revenue and the required upgrade is a costly one. We currently do not have the required funding to pay for a year of hosting on the private server up front so we are reaching out to ask for help in getting us set up with the initial package. This will give us a year to find other means to secure the money to renew the service each year after this.

If you see any value in the content we provide and are able to help in any way we would truly appreciate any donation you are able to make.

Donate HERE.

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