King of Foxes releases new single “Backsliders”

Last week, Edmonton-based songstress King of Foxes gave us a taste of her upcoming sophomore album with the release of “Backsliders”. You can stream the track on Spotify.

About the song, Olivia Street explains:
“I wrote Backsliders about what it’s like to grow up weird. Or at least, to be made to feel like you’re weird. I attended all sorts of churches when I was younger. There was one preacher who was always talking about backslidin’ – a term for when you fall back into your old, “sinful” ways. It stuck with me – I imagine the song to be about falling back into your old “sinful” ways with someone who makes you feel like you belong.”

King of Foxes’ second album, “Salt & Honey”, is set to release on February 8th, and can be pre-saved here. The seven songs on the record explore the idea of preservation. Both salt and honey have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of preserving; neither substance will ever spoil. The album is tied together by this lyrical theme, examining this concept both in interpersonal relationships and the relationship with the self — what do we preserve as parts of ourselves worth keeping, and what do we slough off? Is this process sweet, or does it burn? Salt & Honey is an aural swan dive inward, exploring intimate themes of memory and personal myth.

Celebrating the release of the new album, King of Foxes will be performing on February 15th at The Aviary in Edmonton with Mercy Funk as part of the Mercy Funk LOVE FEST event – tickets are available here.

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