APHROSE releases new single, “Make Your Mark”

Toronto, ON-based soul artist, APHROSE (aka Joanna Mohammed) is back with a brand new single.

The single speaks to Aphrose’s own insecurities in hope to inspire others to live without shame or fear.

“I was in a creative and personal rut over the summer due to some stressful events happening at the time. I was sitting in front of my keys in my home studio looking out the window as the sun was setting, the room bathed in golden-orange hues and an idea came to mind. I began thinking about how much power we give that voice of self-doubt within ourselves and how in so many ways, we let it dictate our every move. Due to what I was going through at the time, I decided to write myself a love song daring myself to let go of the bondage of doubt, fear of what others may think and fully embrace who I am, imperfections and all.”

Check out the new single below, and keep up to date with all things related to APHROSE via her socials.

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