Show Review – Damsel in Vancouver, BC

Who: Damsel, Aegis, Officer Trip, High Stakes
When: January 11, 2019
Where: Railway Stage & Beer Cafe, Vancouver BC

The energy in the room was electric for Damsel’s first headlining show.
Each warm-up band seemed to rev up the crowd just a little bit further
till the room was full of sweaty, hungry bodies – By 11 pm, the room was
thirsty for the burgeoning rock band and Damsel did not disappoint.

The opening bands were a great compliment to Damsel’s classic rock
aesthetic. A particular standout was the band Aegis who combines vocals
similar to Niall Quinn with the guitar and drums of Wolfmother. Officer
and High Stakes also rocked the crowd with classic rock ensembles and powerful vocals.

With the crowd well and charged up, Damsel burst onto the stage with their high energy performance. Damsel’s kicking drums, bass, guitars and vocals aside, the band put on a great physical show akin to the glam rock
outfits of the 70s. Shirtless, long-haired and wild, the boys of Damsel
own the stage, and sometimes even the dance floor, not afraid to down and
dirty with the crowd.

Do yourself a favour and if you get the chance, see Damsel live!

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