Review – Aaron Pritchett

Album: Out on the Town
Release Date: January 11, 2019
Genre: Country

Canadian country veteran Aaron Pritchett is back with his latest release Out on the Town – his seventh album to date.

The seasoned performer and Vancouver-native’s 20 plus years in the business have earned him 14 top ten singles, multiple CCMA wins and Juno nominations, and five British Columbia Canadian Country Music Awards- not to mention a legacy in the country music scene as a dynamic entertainer.

In his latest release, Pritchett is a carefree cowboy with one theme on his mind: to have as much fun as possible. From the happy-go-lucky opener “Worth a Shot” to the cool atmosphere on “Ain’t Stressin’”, there’s no question why he’s one of Canadian country’s leading entertainers. The album’s first single “Better When I Do” is a certified groove with a punchy chorus about embracing the simplicity of life and love. “Top Shelf” feels like a beach bonfire jam, while the title track “Out on the Town” slows things down with a tinge of lonely and longing. Rounding out the album is the fist-in-the-air, workaday anthem “Drink Along Song” that packs a punch when that chorus hits. 

Pritchett takes this opportunity to remind us why sometimes you need that country escape – packed with smooth guitar licks and his unwavering vocals, Out on the Town is exactly what you need to take some of that stress away.

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