Midnight Shine releases video for “Heart Of Gold”

Midnight Shine‘s Adrian Sutherland grew up in the isolated Cree comunitty of Attawapiskat and at 16-years old he borrowed a harmonica from an Elder, fashioned a homemade harness using a coat-hanger, two sticks and a elastic bands, then he set out to learn Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold”.

Adrian shares,

“Growing up in an isolated area, I listened to a lot of music, especially once I started playing the guitar. Neil Young was one of my biggest musical inspirations, and Heart of Gold is still one of my favourite songs. We wanted to record it, but in a way that’s different from everyone else. That’s how we ended up giving it a little ‘shine’ of our own, and we’re really happy with the way it turned out.”

Watch the video above, which was shot and directed by motion picture cinematographer Cliff Hokanson, and produced by RoseAnna Schick, with Sutherland as executive producer. The video was edited by first-time editor and college student Bethany Fontaine, with colouring and effects by Tony Wytinck at White Ink Digital Post in Winnipeg.

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