Review – Atria

Album: New World Nightmare
Release Date: November 16, 2018
Genre: Metal

Anthemic metal band Atria, hailing from Ontario, hit the ground running with their debut EP metalcore release of New World Nightmare. Stemming influences from Slipknot, Lamb of God & countless others, they released the EP in November of 2018.

The opening track, “New World Nightmare” shows the Slipknot influences with the heavy start, the deep screams from the singer leading into some beautiful clean vocals, converting very easily back to the screams so naturally throughout. The solo that happens around the 3-minute mark is similar to bands like Slayer where it might not be the craziest, intense solo but shows the talent of the guitarists in the band.

“Someone With Me” is a song I could play on repeat. The opening guitar piece is something extremely catching to me and the vocals are perfectly in tune with the guitars. This is one song that I can see a crowd singing along with before opening the mosh pit up to an insane party.

“Less Than Equal” brings back the Slipknot vibes with the heavy opening leading into the amazing unclean vocals of the vocalist. I’m not sure if the unclean vocalist and the clean vocalist are the same person or not, but they mix perfectly together, not overpowering the other throughout this song. The drummer really shines in this one with an even flow of blast beats and excellent patterns throughout.

The final song “Follow You Home” shows the bands melodic side over their metal side. The song has an excellent story throughout with the vocalists extremely passionate vocals throughout making this song powerful to listen to.  Around the 2 minute mark, the song gets super heavy with excellent guitar work, the unclean vocals come back and lead perfectly into the chorus.

As this is the bands first outing, it is a strong start. I can see them being part of a regular playlist of mine as they are the exact kind of band I listen to. Metalcore is a very selective genre when it comes to what is involved, with bands drifting away from it every day. Atria have found the spot they want and are already planting their feet into the ground of the Canadian metalcore scene. I can see these guys playing a huge festival in the near future.

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