Neon Dreams release new single

Halifax based EDM band released their newest single, “High School Dropout” on Friday.

The song is about lead singer, Frank Kadillac’s struggles through high school. He admitted on his Instagram that is a drop out but it is okay that school doesn’t work for everyone.

“I failed school… but I got pushed through… then I dropped out. I couldn’t learn the way everybody else did. So I taught myself the things I wanted to know and put myself around people that lived the life I wanted. My teacher was observation and my best friend was my gut feeling. If you feel like a failure because you’re not getting great marks, know that you’re not! They just don’t know how to teach people like us yet – the emotionally smart people.”

The response from this post inspired him to write the song.

The band also released a lyric video to accompany the release and features a music video in the background.

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